Women in Construction

Julie Delgado Women in Construction

1. What’s your role at Hoar? Project Manager, I just finished working the 56-Unit apartment project in Washington, DC, Elysium Fourteen, and am now working on our 398-unit apartment building in Tysons, VA, The Lumen.

2. What led you to a career in construction? I initially went to school to work in architecture, but after three semesters I came to accept the realization that I used a different side of my brain from my architecture counterparts. The College of Design, Construction and Planning at the University of Florida also houses the School of Building Construction so I decided to make a switch and I finished my undergraduate degree in Business. I pursued my love for the built environment through a Master’s of Construction — best decision ever. I have a lot of respect for my design equals but it is not my cup of tea!

3. How did you end up at Hoar? I ended up at Hoar through my connections with the DC leadership team and working together at previous companies. I have worked with these guys for 10 years and couldn’t imagine my day-to day life in this industry with any other people. Our jump to Hoar has been amazing and has challenged our group to excel in areas we didn’t even know we could.

4. What is the best encouragement you have ever received? The best encouragement I have received was being tapped by the leaders of the DC office to lead the first project for the office. Knowing that they chose me to lead the Project Management team for the high profile project was all the encouragement I needed to build that project and get a notch on our belt as an office.

5. How did that encouragement influence you? It made me want to set an example of excellence for the DC office in the construction of the project. I wanted to set the bar high to make sure the team knew they could depend on me again in the future.

6. What encouraging words would offer other woman looking to get into this industry? This business can be tough at times, but it is so rewarding to know that something you helped to build will be there for years to come to show your family — in my case, my two young boys. To know that you helped take something from two dimensional paper stacks to a 32-story high-rise in two years is an amazing feat and something to be proud of. The days and weeks also fly by because every day is different and the people we work with everyday are so special. There is nothing else I would rather do.