Women in Construction

Janice Meadows Women in Construction

1. What’s your role at Hoar? Sr. Estimator

2. How did you end up at Hoar?  I first started working for Hoar in 2003 working for Gerald King soon after he moved into the first Nashville office on Westwood in Maryland Farms.  There were only four office employees at that time.  When the opportunity came along in 2014 to return to Hoar after being gone for 11 years, I jumped at the chance.

3. How did you get started in the construction industry? My first job was in the international division of a construction company.  When the international division closed, I moved, along with my boss, into the estimating department for the national side of the company.

4. Did mentorship play a role in your career?  Most definitely.  I was very lucky early on to have many seasoned estimators take an interest in my career and continue to mentor me throughout the many years I’ve been in healthcare construction.  When I started in construction 30 years ago, the roles were filled mostly by men, so all my mentors were men, from estimators to VP’s.

5. What was the best encouragement or advice you’ve received that has guided your career?  Starting on this career path without an education in construction, I felt early on that I had to work harder and longer hours to make up for my educational background.  But one of my mentors encouraged me greatly when he told me and continued throughout my career to tell me, that “on the job” training is the best education.  Another example that stands out, is a mentor who would never actually answer my questions.  Instead, he responded with another question to help me find the answers myself. That taught me to keep digging and searching, to think for myself, and not to give up.

6. How have you grown in your role? I’ve taken the lessons I’ve learned from my mentors, and am passing them along to newer employees and interns that seek out my guidance. By offering help and advice the same way it was offered to me, I feel I can help others grow in their careers the same way my mentors helped me grow in mine.
What advice or encouraging words would you offer women hoping to grow in a construction career?  Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you don’t know something, asking questions will help you learn. Get involved in at least one or two industry associations, put in the long hours and hard work while you are young, develop a good work ethic and be trust worthy. Prove to your employers that you have integrity and dependability. Be on time for work and meetings and always meet your deadlines.