Women in Construction

Holly Dexter Women in Construction

1. What’s your role at Hoar? I am a field operations coordinator, which we call an FOC. I manage all of the job clerks in the Texas division as well as support the job teams as needed. I also help the Project Managers with trade partner issues such as special payment terms, billing requirements, and I am often a go-between for accounting.

2. What led you to choose a career in construction? My start in construction is probably not typical as I did not necessarily choose construction as my career path. I was actually in school to be a respiratory therapist but I made the decision to focus on a career in construction because it was what was best for my family. My husband was a co-op with Hoar and when he graduated from Auburn in 2007, he was placed on a job in south FL as an assistant superintendent. I was offered the secretary role on the project. Working in construction in an administrative role has given me job flexibility as we are assigned to each new project.

3. Do you have a mentor? I would say that my mentor now is Amy McFarland. She is who I go to when I have questions or if I need guidance handling a situation. With that said, a lot of people have helped to shape me into the person I am today within the company. Just to mention a few — Mike McKinney and Casey Hinojosa taught me what the role of a job clerk is and that working with Hoar is like having an extended family. Mike Broadaway taught me that just because there is a new way to do something does not mean that it’s a better way to complete the task.

4. What is the best encouragement you have ever received? I would say the best encouragement I have ever received would be that if you want to achieve something you have to work for it. Nothing is given to you in life.  Like I mentioned earlier, a role in construction was not my first choice as a career path but now I can’t see myself doing anything else. I enjoy being a part of a team and helping to build buildings that change landscapes.

5. What encouraging words would you offer women looking to get into this industry? Construction is not an easy role to be in, especially as a woman, but with determination and hard work you can succeed. Do not let your gender define what your role is within the company or in construction in general. If you want to be a superintendent, PM, FOC, or an administrator put your head down and work for it. You are the only person that can hold yourself back. You make your own success and it’s up to you whether or not your successful.