Women in Construction

Erica Dempsey Women in Construction

1. What’s your role at Hoar? I am a first semester Co-op student working on the Project Management rotation in the Healthcare Division.

2. How did you end up at Hoar?  My employment is the result of a Co-op I received through Auburn University. I interviewed with and researched many companies before deciding that Hoar Construction was the company I liked best. Fortunately I received an offer allowing me to begin my Co-op experience in January of this year. Out of all the companies I researched, Hoar Construction offered me the most opportunities and the greatest ability to grow in my future career, which made it the obvious choice for my Co-op.

3. Where do/did you go to school? I am a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering at Auburn University. – WAR EAGLE!

4. Do you have a mentor? In just a short time I have had the opportunity to work with many intelligent people who I know will continue to help me grow as an individual and future engineer, but the person I look up to most would have to be Mitchell Weyandt. He is an amazing mentor and has shown me great patience despite the thousands of questions I ask him daily. He always has such a positive attitude and has made my Co-op such a wonderful experience.

5. What is the best encouragement you have received so far? My encouragement has come from the kindness everyone has shown me. Every person has gone above and beyond in making me feel at home here. It is a great feeling to come to work every day and have constant support as I navigate my way through this new and exciting experience.

6. How have you grown in your role? My confidence has soared since I started working at Hoar. I have much more self-assurance in myself and in my work than I had when I first started. This is mostly due to the tremendous amount of support I have received. This is a skill that I know I can carry with me and apply to my life no matter where I am.

7. What steps do you plan to do to continue to grow in your career? I plan to continue my education at Auburn University and hopefully gain more experience in the industry as a Co-op this fall and the summer semester of 2018.

8. What encouraging words would you offer women (students) looking to get into this industry?  Do not be intimidated! Even though engineering in general has previously been a male dominated industry, more and more women are showing that we can offer just as much as our male counterparts. Let the fact that you are female push you forward in your career not hold you back. You can do this!