Women in Construction

Amye Carle Women in Construction

1. What’s your role at Hoar? Corporate Risk Manager

2. How did you end up at Hoar? A former colleague and friend was doing some contract work for Hoar and contacted me about the opportunity. I politely declined twice and on his third call to me with a jovial threat to no longer speak to me, I agreed to meet with Doug to discuss the position. Glad that he and I are still friends and that I agreed to meet with Doug; 2 wins for me!

3. Do you have a mentor? Or has mentorship played a role in your career? I don’t currently have a formal mentor, but I have several professional confidants I seek out for career advice. I find that talking through issues and situations with someone whom has experienced similar struggles enables me to gain clarity and perspective. For me personally, mentorship has been an instrumental part of my success story. Without the help and influence of my mentors, I would not have been empowered to envision my potential future nor the courage to believe I could reach my goals. Truth is, there have been many hiccups and struggles along the way and on the days I felt like giving up, the encouragement of those mentors helped me regain focus and move on. While I still have a journey ahead of me and more to learn, I am confident I will reach my goals.

4. Have you been a mentor to anyone else? Yes and I agree with Marshall Goldsmith, one of the authors of “Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning”; mentorship is a learning partnership and except for love, there is no greater gift other than the gift of growth.

5. What encouraging words would offer other woman looking to get into this industry? Embrace the difference you bring to the team. Often women fail to speak up out of fear of sounding like a women; I have fallen prey to that same fear. Speak up. Our industry is full of bright and creative individuals that are seeking smarter ways to build. Help them identify and troubleshoot ideas and remember there are no dumb questions. There has never been a better time to be part of such a risky and rewarding industry and there are endless possibilities to influence change. Be fierce. And, do not mistakenly view other woman as the competition since there are few upward paths for women; that is a false view. Instead, embrace and support each other.

6. Do you feel mentorship is important in this industry? Absolutely! If so, what are the major benefits of mentoring? The major benefits of mentoring are development, productivity, retention and work-life integration. Research shows that when someone is part of a mentorship program they are more confident, more loyal, and are more motivated to do their very best which has a direct impact on the overall success of the company. These benefits help employees develop discipline to get more done during the day which improve work-life integration; the challenge we face in this day of increased technology that blur the lines of work and personal life. Mentorship is essential in producing a succession of motivated, upward moving individuals that feel appreciated and included in the strategic vision of the company. Successful focus on work-life integration for women in our industry can help us make an impact and attract even more diversified talent to influence change in our industry.