Why Face-to-Face Communication is Important in Construction

by Tiffany Fessler, Communications Manager

Communication is all about the exchange of information and ideas between people. There are many ways communication happens today – texts, emails, phone calls, Instagram photos – but face-to-face communication still remains a relevant part of business.

One of the things we strive to do is communicate better through our proven processes. After all, we know a breakdown in communications – not being as informed as we should be –  is one of the red flags for safety and a contributing factor in accidents.

While face-to-face communication happens all the time on our job sites, it takes a little more planning early in the construction process. We recently sat down with the structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, the architect, and the owner in a meeting totally focused on meeting a design timeline that would make, or break, a project. We knew face-to-face communication was the way to get the team collaborating quickly. This lean solution definitely delivered benefits.

  • Discussion. Or maybe we could also call this thinking aloud? There were lots of ideas bouncing around the room.
  • Problem solving. We were able to identify challenges as a group, talk them out, and work through them together.
  • Respect. We were able to build trust and relationships more quickly with face-to-face communication.

The results of our face-to-face meeting/planning session?

  • It made the process more fun. We weren’t all sitting in our silos trying to come up with solutions by ourselves.
  • We eliminated extra work. The communication that happened in the room saved a lot of the back-and-forth that would have happened had we all been working separately.
  • We had greater buy in from the team. Everyone heard the reasoning behind decisions, and everyone was able to have a say.

Most importantly, we met our goal as a team, and we were all more successful because of this interaction. When you get everyone in a room to work out solutions, the outcome is a plan that is the best option for the everyone on the team!