The Retailization of Healthcare – Part 2

By Coker Barton, Senior Vice President Healthcare and Stacey Berthon, Senior Vice President Retail

In the first part of our video series on the retailization of healthcare, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Coker Barton and Senior Vice President of Retail Stacy Berthon discussed the new trend that is pushing healthcare providers to look at their services from a consumer point of view. In part two, Coker and Stacey explain how this shift is driving medical providers to compete and strategize like retail developers.

Consumers are taking a more active role in healthcare decisions and seeking care that is convenient to where they live. To better serve these patients, healthcare providers are changing the way they deliver services. For example, they are finding locations in high-traffic areas or near shopping centers. In addition to helping people in need of medical care, this new trend is beneficial to retail developers who are able to fill spaces that have been traditionally difficult to lease while bringing in new consumers who may visit the development’s retail stores before or after their healthcare appointments.