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Mitigating the Labor Shortage

By Randall Curtis, Executive Vice President

It’s no secret the construction industry is facing a labor shortage. Everybody is busy with work and because of that, everyone in the construction industry is holding on to their staff a little tighter these days. It was once common to flood jobs with labor toward the end of a project, working to overcome any delays during the construction process while still getting clients a quality building on time. But if we rely on that plan in today’s market, we may find those resources are no longer available. A historically transient labor force is now working for one company because there is so much available work for these skilled craftsmen.

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Mentoring Is an Opportunity and a Responsibility

By Dennis Quick, Senior Superintendent

When I visit job sites and talk with field personnel, I often hear comments like, “Trade partners are not as qualified as they used to be,” or “The drawings are not as good as we used to have.” This perception could be due, in part, to the economic downturn in 2008, which put a lot of our seasoned trade partners and designers, as well as general contractors, out of business. EVP Randall Curtis wrote about this (Developing Tomorrows Construction Workforce) back in the fall. Learn More Mentoring Is an Opportunity and a Responsibility

How Guest Experience Influences Hospitality Construction

By John Page, Business Development Director

I had the opportunity to attend The Americas Lodging Investment Conference (ALIS) in LA last week. Since I was representing a general contractor, I was really glad to hear how optimistic everyone was regarding the continued expansion of the hospitality sector – 82 months of consecutive growth and counting!

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Why is BIM Coordination Important for Construction?

By Curtis Brundidge, VDC Coordinator

 When people look at a building, they may admire the architecture. If they have some understanding of physics, they may wonder how the architectural elements are supported.  Few will think about the inner workings of the building, though for the people who work, live, eat, get treated, watch movies, and go to events in those buildings, the most important parts are the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection (MEP/FP) systems.

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Looking Ahead to 2017

By Rob Burton, President and CEO

As 2016 ends, I’ve been reflecting on how the United States is part of a world economy – one piece in a much larger puzzle – and that as we move into 2017, we will face many new challenges. Some of these challenges will be shifts in the global and national scene, but others will be industry-specific, such as dealing with inefficiencies and waste. Learn More Looking Ahead to 2017

National Rural Health Day: What It Means to the Community

By Tala Matchett, Director Business Development

In 2007 I moved to Texas and started working for a boutique healthcare builder. There were more than a few things I didn’t know, but here are the top three….

1) The state is huge!

2) There is a city named Iraan not Iran (and I still pronounce it wrong)

3) I would fall in love with rural healthcare.

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