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Looking Ahead to 2017

By Rob Burton, President and CEO

As 2016 ends, I’ve been reflecting on how the United States is part of a world economy – one piece in a much larger puzzle – and that as we move into 2017, we will face many new challenges. Some of these challenges will be shifts in the global and national scene, but others will be industry-specific, such as dealing with inefficiencies and waste. Learn More Looking Ahead to 2017

National Rural Health Day: What It Means to the Community

By Tala Matchett, Director Business Development

In 2007 I moved to Texas and started working for a boutique healthcare builder. There were more than a few things I didn’t know, but here are the top three….

1) The state is huge!

2) There is a city named Iraan not Iran (and I still pronounce it wrong)

3) I would fall in love with rural healthcare.

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Talking Lean Construction with Next-Generation Employees

By Ashley Colburn, Director of SmartBuild

Lean construction is a term that started getting used around 1993 and addresses improving project delivery through schedule, costs, and quality. The term and methodology came about because there was such a steep decline in productivity in the construction industry. Lean construction takes lessons learned from “The Toyota Way” and other continuous improvement philosophies and focuses and adapts those lessons specifically for architecture, engineering, and construction. Learn More Talking Lean Construction with Next-Generation Employees

Developing Tomorrow’s Construction Workforce

By Randall Curtis, Executive Vice President

The construction industry is having trouble finding qualified craft workers around the country. During the recession our industry lost 30 percent of its jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Some workers moved to other industries. Some simply retired. Some of the migrant workers went home, particularly after states such as Alabama cracked down on immigration. Learn More Developing Tomorrow’s Construction Workforce

The Three C’s of a Successful Healthcare Builder

by Coker Barton, Sr. Vice President Healthcare

As we celebrate 25 years of providing focused healthcare services, we’ve been thinking a lot about what has made us successful. Our healthcare experience dates back further than 1991, but we celebrate that year as the turning point when we shifted from being builders who take on healthcare projects, to being healthcare builders. The difference, we believe, can be defined by three main attributes – or the three “Cs” of successful healthcare builders.

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Improving Safety Meetings with the 90% Rule

By Michael Barnes

The relentless pursuit of improvement is a core value and a priority for our entire company. Our field teams, management teams, accounting, and IT departments are all committed to finding new ways to work more efficiently, reduce waste, improve quality – any opportunity to do our jobs better. This dedication to improvement is extremely important when it comes to the safety of our employees.

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