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Media Kit

Company Profile

For a concise overview of Hoar’s history, leadership, awards and market sectors, download our company profile here.

Logo Standards

Hoar’s logo is one of the elements that helps to define our identity as a company. When using the Hoar logo, use authorized artwork only and ensure that you follow graphic standards – do not make alterations.

Download the official Hoar logos below:
High Resolution Color
JPG Color
High Resolution Black and White
JPG Black and White

• Detach each file (right-click, select Save As) and save to disk or on your computer
• In Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Project, etc.
• Go to INSERT
• and select the .tif file from your computer and click Insert
• in Excel, it tends to squish the logo, so adjust it accordingly

Brand Guidelines

Download Hoar Construction’s Brand Guidelines here.